Coaching Practice

In this world which is seeing increasing disruptions and rapid changes, business success is an outcome of the performance of your leaders. Consistent performance of leaders is predominantly an outcome of their behavioral skills - both self side and work side.


The Final Flourish, for several years, has been partnering with businesses to convert their high potential leaders to high performing leaders.


We work on bringing sustainable behavioral change. The process involves strengthening behavioral skills or overcoming limiting behaviors, depending on the leaders context and role, thus resulting in elevated leadership performance, aligned with business objectives.


We work with the business head or CEO to do a deep assessment of the context which includes business goals, organization culture and leadership goals and performance. The learning and coaching goals are then defined for the leadership team as well as individuals. The Final Flourish has a very mature coaching framework, which has been used to coach individuals to achieve 100% success in coaching goals.


The enhanced level of self awareness, ensures that the leaders are able to sustain a culture of self development.


We are a unique organization which offers outcome based coaching with a proven record of an ROI of 200% to 1100 %


You can read here about the mandates we have addressed for our diverse customers

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