"TFF were engaged by SSP to provide coaching and guidance to the Management Team in India. While I had known of them from mutual friends, it was a refreshing engagement especially due to their flexibility and willingness to tweak their interventions to our specific requirements. During the course of the significantly long period and intense interventions, TFF refined their approach and customized their inputs based on the progress each individual required. Progress was periodically and formally measured against the agreed success criteria for both individual and team outcomes. At the end of the coaching duration, we achieved the desired outcomes, the management team had a deeper understanding of themselves and the way to approach their responsibilities. A longish input given the complexity of the assignment and a well-deserved personal thanks for an assignment well done!" - Director, India Operations,SSP Worldwide



“I've recently undergone their program and believe me it was really amazing and brilliant. Trust me, each single penny invested by you will be a wise decision”  - Corporate Lawyer, Leading Law Firm,India 



"I have known Neeraj for over 2 decades and these 3 qualities sum his professional life: Creative in ideas (approaching problems with new & unique solutions), Person with integrity (irrespective of the consequences), and an Expert in the area he chooses to pursue (keen observer of behaviors and domains). These qualities make for a GREAT coach and mentor - and I am so glad he started TFF. The workshops are an experience in themselves - a mix of learning, self-realization and fun - highly recommended even for us "experts". Keep up the great work ! - CEO Atligreen Propulsion Labs

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